How Low Confidence Affected My Life

How Low Confidence Affected My Life I’m 41 years old and whilst I’m a confident person now it hasn’t always been that way. Over 30 years All Postsago I may have appeared confident but it was just a front. I suppose living with an alcoholic father that I felt put me down at pretty much Read More

Family and Friends

Family and Friends Are The Foundations Friends and family are the foundations to my support system that’s kept me going throughout my life. I’ve possibly at times underestimated the impact they’ve had on me and I certainly didn’t give them enough credit. Whilst I’ve experienced a lot of issues with both friends and family over the years, Read More

Personal Change – Where it starts

Personal Change – Where it Starts Are there things about yourself that irritate you? Repetitive behaviour or frustrating relationships? Would you like it to be different, better even? Personal Change is where it starts. When I started, I had no idea what would unfold, just that I knew I had reached the tipping point. Act Read More

Overly Responsible Parents

Today’s blog is about overly responsible parents within the context of alcoholism. Recently I had a client that discussed some concerns with her sons drinking habits. As a parent she was clearly concerned for their well being and doing what she could to help. This got me thinking about the role parents have and this Read More