17 Reasons To Give Yourself A Break


If you’re anything like me then you may give yourself a hard time. Do any of these make sense to you?

  • More often than not you expect too much of yourself
  • You get disappointed in your performance or what you should or shouldn’t do
  • Maybe you think you should have reacted better, said or not said something
  • You may even feel you made a wrong choice

Well I’m here to help you realise something.


For a very long time I kept saying negative things, had high expectations of myself and generally didn’t say kind words to reinforce my strengths and good qualities. We all have them and I want to help you focus on those. Maybe you’ll find this strange because it’s not what you’re used to, but if you think about it how you usually react and act may not be working for you. Does what you say to yourself make you feel good? I suspect not.

Let’s not waste any-time, give yourself a break!

Here’s why:

1. You are human and not a robot
2. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s OK!
3. You make the best decisions you can at the time, you wouldn’t purposely choose to make
the wrong choice would you?
4. Life is unfair, that’s nothing to do with you
5. You are not responsible for how people react and feel
6. How someone reacts to what you say or do is none of your business
7. It’s OK to get things wrong
8. Would you say the things you say to yourself to your friends and family?
9. You have many strengths and positive skills, find out what they are
10. There is always tomorrow
11. Nothing is forever and you can always change your mind
12. There are only so many hours in the day
13. You aren’t your friends and family, accept that. It’s OK to not be like them.
14. Compare for information, not punishment.
15. Learn from everything you do, reflection is a great tool. Beating yourself isn’t the answer.
See the positive in it and move on.
16. Maybe you haven’t got something you want, there is nothing stopping you getting it. Change takes time. Be patient
17. Be grateful for everything you have

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